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With All Solutions Junk Removal, you can expect excellent commercial and residential junk removal from our experienced contractors. Don’t let debris, junk, and hoarded items ruin the pristine atmosphere of your property. Get the cleanliness and space you need by having us do all the work for you! If you live in and around the Knoxville, TN area and need something extraordinary – you can ask about our offers and choose the one you need!


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Our Services

Demolition Services

Demolition Services

Request our complete demolition services when something is in the way of your new plans and uncertain if you can tear it down carefully and safely enough. We’re the experts and can handle any demolition project carefully and responsibly!
Debris Removal

Debris Removal

After demolishing a structure, wall, or anything else – debris is bound to be everywhere! Even smaller amounts of refuse can cause issues for a property’s cleanliness and overall unspoiled atmosphere, so we’ll assess and clear every piece of debris!
Hoarding Cleanup and Junk Removal

Hoarding Cleanup and Junk Removal

It’s not always noticeable when people become hoarders of various items – it only becomes apparent when the hoarding becomes too much and overwhelms your property. Allow us to provide our perfect junk removal and hoarding cleanup!
Garage and Shed Clean Out

Garage and Shed Clean Out

The garage and sheds of any property are used for miscellaneous belongings and junk most of the time, so it’s good to have them cleaned out now and again! If you don’t want to deal with it – let us deal with it all. We’ll clean out either space perfectly!
Property Clean Out

Property Clean Out

An overall clean out of your property can be just the thing you need to feel free and make the property clear and beautiful. Allow us into your property – we’ll walk through it with you so you can tell us what needs clearing immediately!

Make Your Property Fantastic

Different remodeling projects or buying new furniture can make any property beautiful, but sometimes you need something different for that splendid appearance. Something as simple as junk collection, removal, or demolition of something particular, can be all your property needs to be excellent. But it’s a tedious task to take on yourself and takes time and frustration, and causes plenty of headaches, so look for a professional company with skilled workers to take care of every detail!

We’ll Clear Everything Out

It’s not a joke – you can make your property feel more spacious. All you need is our help doing it! All your junk, debris, and hoarded items can and will be collected by our professional and removed from the premises with ease and quality of work. We will deploy caution and a precise process to ensure we get everything we need done and not miss a single item you want gone. We can also remove an entire structure or wall with our professional demolition – you choose what you need!

More Areas We Serve

We serve more than one area, but it’s such a job knowing we’re helping people make sense of their properties and get them de-cluttered and cleaned out. It’s motivating to know we’re needed in more areas and offer qualified services to free up people’s space with our skills! We’re lucky and honored to be serving the following areas!

  • Norris, TN
  • Alcoa, TN
  • Clinton, TN
  • Lenoir, TN
  • Eagleton Village, TN
  • Johnson City, TN
  • Sevierville, TN
  • Powell, TN

Call All Solutions Junk Removal, our renowned junk removal company, and get versatile services from skilled contractors. Whether you need those long-hoarded items to be neatly collected and removed from the premises, or you have junk and debris cluttering your property in and around the Knoxville, TN area Рwe can help with all of it. We can even go as far as to demolish something in the way. Ask about everything we offer and choose the service that appeals to your particular needs!

Client Testimonials

by Lisa Kendall on All Solutions Junk Removal
Perfect Residential Junk Removal!

When it comes to residential junk removal - this company is the one to hire! The contractors are very diligent and cautious with every item they touch. Even though I pointed out a million things I wanted going, they were still sure to be extremely careful while collecting and removing everything. Very happy with their service!

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